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A Certain Disney World Ride Has Started "Moving People" Again!

Attention all Disney Dad readers!! The day has finally come, the Tomorrowland Transit Authority Peoplemover...has finally reopened!

(Disney Food Blog)

Jeff Vahle, President of Walt Disney World, had confirmed on his Instagram a few days before the Peoplemover's reopening that the Peoplemover would be doing just that, reopening! Disney Food Blog was right in on all of this exciting action on April 25th!

(Disney Food Blog)

At first, Cast Members had been spotted testing the Peoplemover, but then being evacuated, giving reporters and guests quite a fright! No fear stayed in these guests though, oh no, as the Peoplemover was seen on the My Disney Experience app with a wait time of 40 minutes around 2:49 P. M!

The Peoplemover has been a fan-favorite attraction since its opening in 1975! After over a year of being closed, we can proudly say (for now) that the Peoplemover is BACK doing what it does best--moving people!

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(Written by Evelyn Rowdabaugh)

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