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Avengers Campus, Jungle Cruise, and....a Power Outage?!

If you haven't heard already, the long-awaited Avengers Campus has finally opened over in Disneyland!

(Disney Parks Blog)

After opening officially on June 4th, guests and reporters have been expressing their excitement through some mixed opinions (as usual). Some of these thoughts have been about the new Spiderman ride, WEB SLINGERS--A Spiderman Adventure; the new attraction is using a virtual queue system, similar to Rise of the Resistance over in Disney World. Pym Test Kitchen, the quick-service restaurant, has some mixed reviews as well. Lunch and dinner has been good, breakfast is a hit or miss with some people.

(WDW News Today)

The REAL talk of the town has been the unveiling of the new Spiderman "Stuntronic Robot" that was unveiled by the official Disney Parks account on Tik Tok. This incredible animatronic is part of the new stunt show in Avengers Campus, and footage has been captured of it flying and flipping through the air!

(WDW News Today)

In other news, the anticipated "Trapped Safari" scene has been put in place to include more diversity in the Jungle Cruise attraction. These animatronics, though with limited movement, have extreme detail hidden throughout them! You can read more about these new figures right here!

A power outage also occurred the other day at Animal Kingdom! Four attractions (Expedition Everest, It's Tough to Be a Bug!, Dinosaur, and Kali River Rapids) were temporarily closed for 4 hours until the power was back up. No word as to why the power was down or if this could happen again soon for Animal Kingdom or any of the Disney World parks.

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