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Disney's Galaxy's Edge: How to Choose the Perfect Lightsaber For You Pt.2

Now let’s discuss which hilt types you can choose when building your own custom lightsaber at Savi’s Workshop in Galaxy’s Edge. The way these lightsabers are organized is by sections. Sleeves, emitter, pommel, and a set of activation plates. This will be put on what is called a chassis, which is basically the skeleton of your lightsaber. Your kyber crystal, will go into the center of the chassis and illuminate whatever color you have chosen. All of those elements put together is called the hilt. This is what you hold your lightsaber from, and it can actually represent your Jedi journey on the way that it looks. There are 4 different types and meanings that go with them which I will run through what they mean and stand for, and the cosmetics of each type as well.

*spoiler warning

For anyone who plans on going and doesn’t want to know anything about it

The idea of Savi’s is to be a hidden scrapyard that is kept together by “keepers of the Force” in order to keep the Jedi religion alive. Therefore, they use old found “scrap metal” and use those pieces for you to build a lightsaber.

Here are some of the themes you can build.

Peace and Justice – This theme includes recovered scraps from the fallen Jedi before. This comes from fallen starships and destroyed Jedi temples. These are typically deemed as more simple designs and are used to honor the Jedi that served before you as peacekeepers amongst the galaxy. These lightsabers represent the Republic-era.

Elemental Nature – This theme represents that the Force is created by all living things. This saber includes Cartusion whale bones, Brylark trees, and Rancor teeth to design your own lightsaber, among other pieces of nature.

Protection and Defense – This is my personal favorite lightsaber theme as it represents my favorite era of Star Wars, the old republic. This lightsaber represents the age of the Jedi. These materials include pieces that are engraved with a mysterious language that connects the lightsaber wielder with “the ancient wellspring of the Force.” These lightsabers have a “classy” and “royal” look to them, etched on what looks like a gold/brass and silver finish.

Power and Control – This theme represents the dark side of the force. Best suited with a red kyber crystal, these materials are rumored to come from the Sith home world and the abandoned temples. These designs represent the brutal nature of the dark side and the desire to rule the galaxy.

Now that you have all the information you need to build a lightsaber at Galaxy’s Edge, you can now follow in the steps of the Jedi and Sith that have come before you a long time ago, in a galaxy far far away.

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