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Disney Wish Delayed and Disney World Limo Transportation?!

Hi readers! We've got some interesting news this week!

(Disney Parks)

The anticipated new ship for the Disney Cruise Line, the Disney Wish, has delayed its first departure (Maiden Voyage in cruise terms), to July 14th. The cruise ship's departure was originally slated to set sail on June 9th, and it will be affecting all cruises leading up to the July 18th departure. Those who have booked the Disney Wish will be receiving a 50% discount for a future cruise until December 2023.

(Disney Food Blog)

There are now several more transportation options available from Mears besides buses that can take you to your Disney resort and back to the airport. This includes limousines, vans, and rent-a-cars. Do your research so you can find what works best for you during your trip!

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Disney Cruise Line Blog:

"Disney Wish Maiden Voyage Moved to July 14, 2022 as Inaugural Sailings Delayed Due to Shipyard Delays"

Disney Food Blog:

"Disney World Offering Ground Transportation from Mears as Add-On Option"

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