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Disneyland finally set to reopen. What does this mean for the Disney fanatics?

Who is ready to smell the scent of the classic churros cooking away once again? How about listening to the Old ragtime band play down Main Street U.S.A? Or simply just strolling along taking in the atmosphere many have missed. Well, here is some good news! After more than a year of shutting its doors, the theme park known as the “The Happiest Place on Earth” will be seeing floods of guests once again. However, don’t get too excited as the restrictions taking place will take away from the traditional Disneyland vacation most of us know and love.

The typical theme park experience will be a thing of the past, for right now any way. Say goodbye to fireworks, parades and of course the character meet and greets for the time being. Unfortunately for many, this is where “magic of Disneyland” comes into play and will be a major disappointment unable to experience these awaited events every day, that keeps the spirit of Disneyland alive in our hearts. Personally, I would prefer to wait until everything is back to “normal” before stepping onto Main Street U.S.A. once again, and I know many who feel the same.

The Park will be running at only 25 percent capacity initially, to remain within the COVID rules, assuming of course we aren’t seeing any spikes in cases.Along with the park opening, guests will now be able to start making reservations for Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel and Spa which is set to reopen on April 29th. Disneyland Hotel, and Disney’s Paradise Pier Hotel are planning to reopen at a later date. My question is how exactly are the rides going to be run? Will they be sanitized every time a guest steps off the ride? What about the small quarter ques with many of the attractions? These are all questions running through my mind, and it leaves me with concerns as the Southern California park gets set to open its gates in one month.

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