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Fairfax Fare "Steps Up to Plate" with its New Hot Dog Menu!

With coronavirus hitting last year, we saw the temporary closure of Walt Disney World; what came with its reopening, was the temporary closing of some restaurants.

(WDW News Today)

Today was the lucky day for Fairfax Fare to open! They opened with a brand new hot dog menu, with some various unique options. Below are the choices and price options for the new menu:

  • Chicago-Style "Hot Dog" Salad $9.49 (Plant-Based Option)

  • California BLTA Dog $11.49

  • Truffle Bacon Macaroni and Cheese Dog $11.49

  • Pretzel Dog $11.49

  • All-beef Quarter-Pound Hot Dog $9.49

  • Parmesan Chips $4.49 (Side Option)

  • Pickled Vegetables $3.99 (Side Option)

  • Snacking Sandwich Cookie $4.99

Sources such as WDW News Today and Disney Food Blog were out at the parks today testing some of these options, and reviews were mixed. It sounds like if hot dogs are something you and your family/friends are into, go for it! If not, this is probably not for you. However, while doing my own research I noticed some mixed pricing from different sources along with Parmesan Chips being the only side, which is not true. The items and prices you see above are direct from the My Disney Experience app, so we are getting the most trusted information.

Along with these options, there are also gluten/wheat, fish/shellfish, peanut/tree nut, milk, egg, and soy allergy-friendly options. Some new alcoholic beverages have been added as well, but reviews for every drink have not been done yet.

If hot dogs are your forte', head to Fairfax Fare, and follow us here at Disney Dad for more up-to-date Disney information!

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