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Help Getting a baby to nap at Disneyland

A happy baby is a well-rested baby, and when it comes to Disneyland, a happier baby makes an easier and more enjoyable visit. At home we always kept a strict sleep schedule for our 3-month old however, I knew I would have to be somewhat flexible. While other children I have gone to Disneyland with would sleep in baby carriers or even on shoulders my baby was not so easy and would only reliably sleep in the stroller. I learned some tricks however that made her naps easier and easier.

Firstly was a portable noise machine, while Disneyland does have plenty of noise we wanted the noise to be familiar and consistent like it is at home. We found a cheap portable noise machine on Amazon for under $20 that did the job admirably. However, if I were to order one again I would make sure the buttons weren’t easily pushed on in a bag as it drains the battery and freaks you out until you figure out where the noise is coming from.

Secondly was darkness, our stroller had a sun visor that we would pull down and then we threw a medium-sized blanket that we had tested before to ensure it would cover any gaps, sometimes having binder clips would help keep things secure.

Thirdly we would give her a “lovey” which we knew would comfort her and help her sleep. However after a few trials, we found that she would sometimes throw it out of the stroller when we weren’t looking, so we purchased some rubber toy safety straps to attach the lovey to the stroller and the problem was solved.

Lastly was to start walking, the movement helped her fall asleep but we had to keep moving, which was not always easy in crowded areas of Disneyland, and you wanted to stay away from particularly noisy areas as well. We found the best area was the cobblestone and brick path by the Rivers of America, the bumpiness was just enough vibration to put her right to sleep, plus it has a long enough stretch that you can walk back and forth with ease. Other areas you can walk are the path from Fantasyland to Small World on the left side behind the shrubbery wall, or in California Adventure in front of the Monsters Inc. ride.

When I first started this nap routine others in our party grumbled about having to stop the fun to make sure the baby slept but in reality, it is quite easy to work it into your schedule. After all, only one person can push the stroller. We would often use the nap time to sit down for a meal and then switch out with whoever finished their meal first. We also used it as a time for changing uplands or parks that were far apart. If you are in Critter Country and want to hit up Toon Town next what a great time to put the baby down for a nap and take your time walking all the way there.

Hopefully, some of these tips will help you and your baby with your next trip to Disneyland so you can have your own personal Sleeping Beauty.

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