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How to save BIG on your next trip to the Disney Parks!! $70 plus off tickets!

     On March 07, 2019 Sam’s club announced that they are starting a new Travel and Entertainment Service, which will allow a bunch of discounts that include theme parks, resorts, and shows! Guess what? That includes Disneyland and Disney World!!


Disney World Orlando… you can currently save $70 on admission! Single Park one day tickets are as little as $42 for the day! Compared to $110 for a day at Disney-that sounds a lot better! Of course these tickets include your daily 3 fast passes! See below for DisneyDad’s Fastpass secrets Video and tips!

     Now if you want all 4 parks in one day, this will cost $87.25 for the day! That will get you into Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios, and Animal Kingdom in the same day…if you can figure out how to do 4 parks in one day.

     There are some perks for Florida residents as well, called the Discover Disney tickets. This starts at $66 per day for a 3-Day package and $54 per day for a 4-Day package. However, it is still cheaper for Florida residents to book through Disney. From now until June 27th you can get a 3-Day package which is $59 and the 4-Day tickets are $49 a day.


Disneyland California… for a single day through this new Sam’s club program, tickets start at $44. There are several more rates for 3, 4, 5 day ticket packages with a bonus of a $25 gift certificate.

     People who live in Southern California, and Northern Baja can also buy 3-Day single park tickets starting at $53 for the day, which include your Magic Morning pass. Make sure you read about the new Galaxy’s Edge Blog post, so you are prepared for the opening May 31. 2019!


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