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How to Save Money When Visiting Disney: Annual Passes and D23!

On our last installment of "How to Save Money When Visiting Disney", we are going to be talking a bit about how Annual Passes and a D23 membership can help you save!

(WDW News Today)

Annual passes are currently not available for purchase at Walt Disney World, but they are in the process of returning. However, Disneyland is offering the new Magic Key program as a more affordable annual pass system.

(WDW News Today)

As of August 25th, these are now available for purchase. Each tier allows you to make a certain number of park reservations for Disneyland and Disney's California Adventure parks. The more you spend, the more you can go, essentially. If you know you will be visiting Disneyland or Disney World a lot, annual passes are something you could think about. We dove into this a little bit in a previous post that you can find here.

(Walt Disney)

D23 is known as the "Official Disney Fan Club". You pay around $100 straight forward, and your membership lasts a year. The perks of this include the following:

  1. Access to official D23 news and updates,

  2. Free or discounted access to D23 or Disney sanctioned events,

  3. Access to the official D23 Convention every 2 years,

  4. Discounts when shopping at the Disney parks or shopDisney, and

  5. D23 exclusive items for purchase

  6. A free welcome box.

I was just gifted a membership to D23 by my dad, and if you are a huge Disney nerd like me, this is definitely for you! I really love being updated with current Disney events (especially for writing these), and I usually visit Disney World multiple times a year, so that discount will come in handy.

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