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How to Save Money When Visiting Disney: Gift Cards!

On today's edition of "How to Save Money When Visiting Disney", I'm going to be discussing a fun and cheap game changer when planning a Disney trip: Disney Gift Cards!

(Kroger Gift Cards)

Growing up going to Disney every few years, my dad would always stock up months before our trip with $25 dollar Disney gift cards. He would buy one or two every paycheck about 6 months before a trip, and by the time a trip came around, we'd have close to $300 dollars or more by our trip!

We used that money mainly for food expenses during our trip. We would go during Epcot's Food and Wine Festival, or Epcot's Flower and Garden Festival, so this gift card strategy really came in handy for all of those food booths! Sometimes, my dad would end up with too many gift cards, so it would not only cover all the food, but also some souvenirs!

I went on my first Disney trip this year without my parents, and used this same strategy about 4 months leading up to my trip. I went a bit over budget, so if you were to use this method, I'd recommend doing this 6 months in advance. Because I was staying on property (at Disney's Pop Century Resort), this actually paid for my breakfast every day!

(Anonymous Reddit User)

Depending on how much food you are going to eat, I recommend looking at pricing for various restaurants you plan on going to during your trip, so you know how to budget.I really really like this method a lot because you aren't dealing with a massive blow to your bank account after your trip! You are slowly paying for your Disney food with each paycheck!

I bought my gift cards from Kroger, but you can basically find them anywhere (i.e. Walmart, Target, etc.). You can also find these in bigger packs ranging from $75 to $200 at Sam's Club, and usually about $10-$20 cheaper than buying the $25 gift cards by themselves.

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