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Is it necessary to re-theme one of Disneyland’s most beloved attractions?

When it was announced that Disneyland was planning on changing one of their most popular attractions, let’s just say many people were not happy about it including myself. In June 2020, the popular theme park stated they would be re-theming Splash Mountain into ”Princess and the Frog.” Why change something that’s already perfect and something where generation after generation has adored is my question. A petition was created shortly after the news broke out demanding to stop the refurbishment of the famous ride located in Critter Country. Thousands upon thousands of fans protested the change Disneyland is planning on with this ride.

Splash Mountain opened in 1989 and since that time it had become a family favorite complete with a memorable soundtrack, lovable characters, and of course we can’t forget that iconic photo-op at the end. Disney, why take something away that has been loved and cherished for decades? I hope and pray they reconsider their decision to rip away one of the many iconic rides from the Anaheim theme park. I will say, I guarantee anyone who was for this movement will regret ever saying anything. What is your take on the situation? Should Disneyland give the ride a new theme, or keep it the way everyone has known and loved it?

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