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Let's Talk MagicBand Plus!

If you follow Disney news companies (like ourselves!), you may have seen the news on the MagicBand Plus. Today, we're going to actually start breaking down what that means!

(Disney World)

So, it is said that the MagicBand Plus is going to be used to enhance guest's trips to Walt Disney World by utilizing guest room entry, Disney PhotoPass, and retail and dining.

(Disney Tourist Blog)

This symbol was spotted on a blocked-off construction wall in Galaxy's Edge in Disney's Hollywood Studios. It has been announced that you can also use the MagicBand Plus to play games and activities, and it has been RUMORED (notice RUMOR is in all caps), that this may be a "bounty hunter minigame". That is a RUMOR.

The MagicBand plus was accidentally released early this week, and had to be quickly pulled off the shelves. Those who were able to snag one for $29.99 are eligible to return theirs for a full refund. However if they keep one, they won't be activated until two weeks from now.

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