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Maleficent Catches Fire During Fantasmic

You've all seen it, we're diving into the horrific fire that took place during Disneyland's nighttime show on April 22nd.

Maleficent on Fire (SFGate)
Maleficent on Fire (SFGate)

For those who are familiar with either Disneyland's or even Walt Disney World's Fantasmic!, fire effects along with firework effects are utilized in the heavy storytelling. On Saturday, April 22nd, one of these effects went drastically wrong, causing a fire to start on Maleficent's head. Guests were safely evacuated, and no guests or cast members were harmed.


As a result of the accident, fire effects in both Disneyland and Walt Disney World parades have been suspended until further notice. Currently, what "sparked" the fire in the first place is under investigation.

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