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Mulan 2020: Original v. Reboot

Mulan is one of Disney’s newest movie projects coming up in 2020. Although there is a considerable amount of hype surrounding the project, there are quite a few changes from the original Mulan that was released in 1998. This includes characters, music, movie style, etc. Here is a list of a couple of very noticeable changes in the new Mulan, which is to be released on March 27th of 2020.

In the new adaptation, Mulan will now have a younger sister played by actress Xana Tang, known for her roles in Dead Lucky and Filthy Rich. In the original adaptation, Mulan was the only child in her family. This allowed for her character and her feelings of stepping up for her dad. We are not sure of what Mulan’s sisters’ purpose is, as she wasn’t in the original 1998 release nor the original legend the movie is based on, Hua Mulan. We will have to see.

A big change to the new movie is that there will be no Li Shang. Fans were outraged when they heard that Mulan’s love interest would be dropped for a new character named Chen Honghui. According to a 2017 Mulan casting notice, Chen is a “strapping, cocky and handsome” recruit who turns out to be Mulan’s main rival in the film. Eventually, he is to become her ally and love interest. We shall see what the decide to differently with Honghui.

One of the biggest changes in the new film is the departure of Shan-Yu and the addition of two new villains. One of these villains is a brand-new character to the story. We know that because she is a witch and there are no witches in the 1998 film or the original Hua Mulan productions. They are still keeping the plot that China is being attacked by Northern Invaders since that is why Mulan enlists in the first place. It is sad to see Shan-Yu go, but it will be cool to see how Disney adapts a witch to the story.

Last and the biggest change to the new Mulan film is that there will be no Mushu. Sadly, one of Mulan’s most beloved characters will not be in the new adaptation. But Mulan will have a new mentor in the form of a new character named Commander Tung. It is understandable that it could be tough to produce a live-action Mushu, especially in a movie that looks like Disney wants to add a more serious tone.

There are going to be a lot of differences and changes in the new adaptation of Mulan. Whether you like it or not, it is still aimed to be a spectacular movie with a stellar cast and lots of action!

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Not mushu 😭 but anything Disney has put out has been great, I’ll be excited to see the new changes and see how they did everything

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