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New Parks Merch I Spotted While At Disney!

I've been patiently waiting to write about this, because during my recent trip to Disney World I noticed some new merchandise I haven't seen reports of as of yet!

Assorted Character Plushes

Pictured above are these adorable new character plushes that I spotted at main gift shops at every park, including Disney Springs! These are a hefty price of $26.99 each, and are also all available on shopDisney. You can have a choice of Bambi, Dumbo, Meeko, Pooh, or Marie; to me they felt pretty high quality, and although these were in the toy section they are almost like a decorative plush instead of a playtime plush.

Marie Plush on shopDisney

Here is a photo of the Marie plush on the shopDisney website. You can find a link to her right here.

Mickey & Friends Shirt and Cornflower Blue Ears

Next up I found this Mickey & Friends Shirt and Cornflower Blue Minnie Ears at Legends of Hollywood in Hollywood Studios .Not exactly sure how new these both actually are, because after seeing the ears, I began noticing multiple people wearing them for the rest of my trip. I'm not sure if the shirt is available on shopDisney as I couldn't find it on there, and I believe when seeing it the price was around $35 or so. The ears are $29.99, and I was able to find them on shopDisney, and you can too right here !

Beverage Cup

Lastly, I found this new beverage cup in Mickey's of Hollywood, also in Hollywood Studios. It is a plastic travel cup with a silicone straw, but has fun Disney characters, Disney parks characters, and Disney parks icons in the lid! I did a better job with this one as you can see on the last slide there is a close-up price of $24.99! However, this was another item I could not find on shopDisney.

Cups, plushes, shirts, and ears! Lots of fun things around the parks that you just may find yourself owning in the distant, or perhaps not-so-distant future!

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