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New, Unveiled Pricing Info!

Pricing has been released for some new experiences throughout the Disney parks! Today, we'll be diving a bit into that, providing you guys with some useful information!

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Pricing for the new Star Wars Galactic Starcruiser has been released. As mentioned in our previous post, which you can find here, the Starcruiser experience will be opening to the public in Spring 2022. As big of a Disney fan I am, I'm not sure if I'm a big enough Star Wars fan to be dropping 6 grand for a hotel experience. However, maybe if I see some footage, I will be persuaded a bit more. We need some thoughts and opinions from others!

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A new annual pass system has been unveiled for the Disneyland resort called Magic Key. This annual pass system is segregated into tiers depending on the amount of visits California residents will take. I hope this will eventually extend to non-California residents soon!

What are your thoughts on these new prices?

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