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New Vivoli Gelato Bicycle Cart

Written by: Jennifer Erwin 


I scream, you scream, we all scream for Gelato! Last week guests spotted a fun new bicycle cart rolling out each morning around 9:30 am at Disney Springs. Vivoli’s retro bicycle trolley cart, which was custom-made in Italy, launched in April of 2019 in Town Center at Disney Springs. Vanilla, Chocolate and Strawberry are seen daily along with five unique flavors to the cart. The five flavors exclusive to the cart will be switched out from time to time. Guests can get Gelato in two sizes at the Trolley Cart: Media (medium) for $6.25 or Piccola (small) for $5.25.

I was invited to taste custom made flavors at the cart that included Lemoncello, Kiwi, Chocolate Hazelnut, Toasted Marshmallow, and Brownie Brittle. My two favorite flavors at the cart are also the two vegan options: Strawberry Sorbetto and Kiwi Sorbetto. The Strawberry Sorbetto tastes like fresh strawberries and is paired perfectly with the decadently delicious Kiwi sorbetto. Vegan’s everywhere will be excited for a non-dairy frozen option available both in the Vivoli Storefront and at the Vivoli Trolley Cart. The sorbetto is made of fruit, water, and sugar and is sure to delight your taste buds. Both non-dairy vegan options are intense with flavor and have a creamy texture.

Be sure to ask for a sample! You can’t go wrong with any of the super refreshing flavors!

Located in The Landing at Disney Springs, guests can enjoy frozen treats at the Vivoli Storefront from 10 AM – 12 AM every day. The Vivoli Trolley Cart, located in Disney Springs Town Center is open from 10 AM – 12 AM every day.

Vivoli il Gelato has allowed guests to experience the handcrafted goodness of authentic Italian gelati, sorbetti, espresso drinks, signature pastries, and more since 1930.

Fun Facts:

  1. 24 in-store flavors

  2. 5 flavors unique to the Trolley Cart

  3. The Trolley Cart is located near The World of Disney and Levi

  4. The charming black and white photos framed on the store’s back wall behind the counter are of the Vivoli family at the original store location in Florence, evoking a rich sense of history and brand longevity.

  5. Vivoli offers rotating monthly sundae specials and shakes based on the ingredients in season.

Founded by Raffaello Vivoli, their flagship store is in Florence, Italy. Third-generation gelato maker Silvana Vivoli learned the art of gelato making from her grandfather, Raffaello. She chose to bring the brand to America by opening a stand in March of 2013 on the sixth floor of Macy’s flagship Herald Square store in New York City. In May of 2015, this world-famous, family-run gelato shop opened its second storefront in history in the heart of Disney Springs. According to Silvana Vivoli, “In Italy, gelato is the greatest treat. It’s a daily ritual and we’re proud to be a part of that tradition”. Each day 29 flavors of gelato and sorbetto are custom made with fresh and seasonal ingredients- and served in the Storefront and now on the Trolley Cart.

Connect with Vivoli Gelato:

Facebook: vivoliorlando

Instagram: vivoligelateria

I was invited as media to attend this tasting event.  All opinions are mine and mine alone.

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