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One of Disneyland’s most well known restaurants will soon sell alcohol.

Starting fairly soon, there will not only be one but two locations in Disneyland Park where guests can sit down relax and enjoy a glass of wine or a cold refreshing glass of beer. For years the famous theme park prohibited the sale of alcohol up until this point. When Star Wars Galaxy Edge opened back in May of 2019, they were the first location that got the green light to be able to sell booze to guests, and believe me it was long awaited. As a child growing up visiting the “Happiest Place on Earth“ every summer, my parents were puzzled the fact they couldn’t even get a glass of wine at dinner within the perimeter of the park. Of course, back then being this young naive little kid never growing up with alcohol in the cabinets at home, I never understood why that was such a big deal to my parents. However, now that I am a full grown adult, it occurs to me exactly why parents of crying children wanting that souvenir while strolling by the shops, on top of keeping their eye on them all day I completely grasp the concept!

Aside from wine and beer, the famous restaurant located inside the “Pirates of the Caribbean“ ride in New Orleans Square, will be offering a specialty hurricane cocktail along with a “Celebration Sparkling wine package.” Now that is right up my alley! Parents who have young ones along with them can also be part of the celebration by enjoying a non-alcoholic mint julep drink. Though this will be happening after the park opens, there has not been an exact date given on when this will take place. Disneyland is set to open on April 30th with limited capacity and only initially to California residents.

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