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Packing Tips: What You NEED To Pack For A Baby At Disney

As far as packing goes I would say try to keep it simple but always be prepared. My husband would always accuse me of packing too much, but I was always prepared for every wrench my family threw at me. At the bottom of the stroller, I would have a diaper caddy, a bag of snacks, water bottles, my breast pump bag, jackets, and a backpack. Try to keep everything mostly in bags, so it is easier to go through security.

The diaper caddy has a diaper mat folded up with wipes, two diapers, and whatever diaper cream/vaseline I might need in the pockets. That is all I would take in the bathroom for diaper changes, and I would refill the diapers after every diaper change from my backpack. Taking in everything on top of a baby is just too much to handle, especially in some of the overly crowded bathrooms, stick to just the diaper caddy. However, if you are by yourself with a baby and need to go to the bathroom, most bathroom stalls are long enough to fit you and your baby in the stroller. It can be a tight fit unless you use the handicap bathrooms, but it works when you need it! In the backpack,

I would have around ten diapers, a backup baby outfit in a ziplock bag (not only to protect it from any accidents but also to contain any possible messes the previous outfit might have), my wallet, baby bottles, the baby’s lovey/nap supplies, and a toiletry bag of miscellaneous girly items (hand sanitizer, chapstick, lotion, motion sickness medication, eye drops, etc.).

Snacks our family likes to bring to the park are Uncrustables, beef jerky, crackers, protein bars, baby food pouches, puffs, yogurt melts, and Skittles. Most of the snacks you get at Disneyland are mostly carbs (popcorn, pretzels, churros), so we would try to bring snacks with some protein. The key is to have things that don’t have to be refrigerated, that can’t melt in the heat, and can withstand some crushing in the bottom of a stroller. One thing we used to do is take the souvenir popcorn buckets and make a kind of homemade trail mix in them, and then they could hang on the stroller and be protected from crushing.

Another hack is for those baby food pouches, they are awesome for Disneyland because they are super portable, but they can be messy. Not with the amazing food pouch tips you can get on Amazon! They screw on to the top of the food pouch and make it so the food can only be sucked out of the tip, even if they squeeze the pouch the tip prevents it from squirting out. Just don’t forget to take the tip-off when you are discarding the empty pouch!

If in doubt there are plenty of shops in the park to buy almost anything you might have forgotten or didn’t think of. If you are having trouble finding something, don’t forget you can buy more baby specific items in the Baby Child Care Centers or ask a cast member. Don’t forget to always leave some room on that stroller for souvenirs!

Check out this video about some more items to bring on your next trip!

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I like your minimalist approach. When my kids were still in diapers I made the mistake of carrying both a diaper bag and my pocketbook, and fell victim to a pickpocket in a busy department store while trying to juggle both bags and an antsy two year old.

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