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Restaurant Face Mask Policy Update - Disney World

Disney is trying to stay active in helping prevent Covid from spreading around their parks, but this latest update might be a little much when it comes to dining. Previously, guests had been able to remove their face masks once seated at a dining location all around Disney World. With the new changes

"Face coverings for each Guest age 2 and up, which must be worn in all public areas and can only be removed while actively eating or drinking. Face coverings must be worn while standing waiting or sitting in dining locations."

This sounds to me that at dining locations, you must wear your mask up until the waiter brings you the food unless you are taking a sip of your drink. Sitting down with my family and kids and being able to take off your mask was always a much-needed break for the family. Now I guess we just will have to wait until the food comes.

I understand where Disney is coming from when you have a restaurant full of people with no masks on, but even with this change it doesn't seem like that will change much. It always comes down to balancing safety with the hassle. To mean this increases hassle a lot more than it increases safety.

Let me know how you feel in the comments below!

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