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RRR: Radical Resorts (are) Reopening!

With the pandemic slowly but surely coming to a tentative end (as we hope), what is something we all are looking forward to in this return to normal?

(Disney Food Blog)

If you said reopenings, you are on the right track because here at Disney Dad, we are excited because Port Orleans has a reopening date! Port Orleans Riverside will be reopening October 14th; and Port Orleans French Quarter will be reopening October 28th. Guests can start booking reservations July 8th.

(Disney Food Blog)

Along with Port Orleans, All Star Music and All Star Sports will be reopening on September 16th and December 9th respectively!

Lately, Disney has appeared to be on the right track when it comes to reopenings! Let's hope this continues just as quickly as it is, if not faster!

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