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Space 220, Lightning Lane, and Living with the Land!

Hi, folks! Today we're looking into some recent updates from the last week around Disney World!

(Walt Disney World)

Space 220, the much-anticipated Epcot restaurant, will finally be opening on September 20th of this year! Just in time for Magic Kingdom's 50th anniversary, Imagineers will be showcasing this unique dining experience as guests will be transported to space to enjoy their dinner!

(WDW News Today)

Lightning Lane signs have been spotted, covering once was once known as the FastPass lines. This particular sign was spotted at Living with the Land, but other Epcot attractions have received this update, along with various Magic Kingdom attractions. Lightning Lane is part of the new Genie+ program that is replacing FastPass and FastPass+.

(WDW News Today)

Speaking of Living with the Land, the original attraction since Epcot's opening, is back open after an unexpected closing! The ride was down for 13 days for maintenance.

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