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5 Tips for Enjoying Your Summer Trip to Disney World

Updated: Feb 9, 2020

Written by: McKenzie Harrington

Disney World is the Happiest Place on Earth! Though summer can bring unique challenges to your experience, hopefully these tips will help make your vacation magical! And remember, the experience is what you make it.

1.Manage Your Expectations & Take Your Time

Disney World vacations are exciting, expensive, and exhausting. Because of that, you may feel like you have to do everything to make it worth it. Managing your expectations ahead of time will help with enjoying the things your party is really looking forward to. An easy way to manage those expectations would be to discuss the following with your party:

*Which Park(s) you want to go to

*Each persons “must do experiences” at the park(s)

*How many/which days you will be at the park(s)

*What your budget is for souvenirs, dining, and lodging.

2. Early Bird Gets the Worm

Now that you have discussed your party’s budget, “must do experiences” and how many days you’ll be at the resort, it’s time to take action! The most important/time sensitive action items are:

  1. Dining Experiences: Whether you want character dining or a more mature scene, restaurant reservations get booked up quickly. Click here to start making your dining reservations.

  1. Fast Passes: Fast passes can be booked up to 30 days prior to your visit if you purchased normal tickets or an annual pass, or 60 days prior to check in if you are staying at a Disney hotel. Do NOT wait any longer than that- Fast Passes get picked up… well… FAST! Click here to book your Fast Passes.

  2. Hotel: Deciding to stay at a Disney Resort or offsite needs to be your first priority. After that, consider which park you will be at the most and the amenities that matter most to your party- in the summer a good pool is a huge benefit. Then, BOOK IT!

3.Lotions, Potions, and SPRAY

Florida summers bring lots of sunshine, rain, and humidity. No matter how your skin has reacted in the past to the sun, you will want to wear both sunscreen and bug spray. “Lovebug Season”- really all-the-bugs season- happens both in spring (late April into May) and summer (August into September), so having bug spray on hand can save you some discomfort later. The same is true about sunscreen- especially for our fair skinned friends. The key to both is to reapply throughout the day- buying sweat proof/waterproof products is always a good call due to humidity and sweating. Keep your skin protected!

4.Plan for the Weather

Scattered rain, thunder, lightning, humidity and high temperatures are common weather occurrences in Florida. Being prepared will be key to enjoying your Disney trip. Here are a few items you will want to think about bringing/wearing:

  1. Mesh/aerated clothing- this is a material that dries quickly, and helps you stay cool. If you have sensitive skin that gets tenderer with sun and humidity, account for that when choosing clothing.

  2. Shoes that are breathable

  1. An extra pair of thin socks- hot, wet socks are a park-goers worst nightmare and a bacteria’s dream.

  2. Ponchos or Umbrella’s

  3. Clip on/wearable fans- one for each person in your party. If you have a stroller, one for each side of the stroller. Don’t forget extra batteries!

  4. Plenty of water- staying hydrated is vital, start drinking plenty of water a week before your trip to be best prepared for your park experience. While at the park, know where the water stations are located.

5. Be in the Know About 2019

2019 is a big year for Disney World, with many exciting expansions and special events. Here are the ones that you’ll want to consider when visiting this summer!

  1. Magic Kingdom:

  2. Mickey & Minnie’s Surprise Celebration: Mickey’s 90th Birthday Party

  3. Epcot:

  4. Epcot Forever: A Nightime Spectacular

  5. Hollywood Studios:

  6. Pixar Character Meetings: An “Incredible” Experience

  7. Wonderful World of Animation: A Nightime Spectacular

  8. Mickey & Minnie’s Runaway Railway

  9. Animal Kingdom:

  10. Hukuna Matata Time Dance Party

  11. Hotels:

  12. Coronado Springs Hotel Expansion

  13. Disney Springs:

  14. Jaleo: A New Dining Experience

No matter the time of year, Disney World is sure to be magical! We hope these tips will help you manage your expectations, work out the logistics, and prepare for the unique Florida environment!

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