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Tasty Treats, Yehaa Bob, and Spaceship Earth!

As always, we are back with another blog post! Updating you on what shenanigans are happening at our happy place!

(WDW News Today)

Halloween treats have landed at both Disney World and Disneyland! At just about every spot that serving food, is also serving a special themed treat, snack, or beverage! From loaded fried and pumpkin spice, to churro-themed everything!

(Disney Food Blog)

Disney Food Blog spotted that the Roman Soldier and Caveman animatronics from Spaceship Earth have gone missing today! Spaceship Earth was supposed to go under refurbishment to be updated, but since the pandemic hit those plans has since been postponed! There has been no answer to why these animatronics have gone missing.

(Disney, Disney Food Blog)

In other news, Yehaa Bob Jackson will be returning to Port Orleans: Riverside upon its reopening! A fan-favorite performer, musician, and comedian, Yehaa Bob was laid off with many other entertainers and cast members due to the pandemic, but will now be returning!

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