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Disneyland Prices Increase 2020

Updated: Feb 13, 2020

Disneyland Prices Increase

Disneyland Resort just released new information regarding ticket and annual pass (AP) increases for the upcoming year. With the new Marvel Avenger Campus this Summer, it should come as no surprise. Yet here we are.

Last year Disneyland Resort increased their ticket and AP prices amid the opening of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. Although some have seen a decline in attendance at the park for the opening of Smugglers Run, we have all been able to see that it has not kept the die-hard Disney and Star Wars fans from attending the opening of the Rise of the Resistance. Disneyland’s ticket website was recently down, as expected, with this news breaking.

Amongst the rise in ticket and AP pricing, you will also notice there is an upcoming increase to the Disneyland Maxpass for 2020. For those unaware of the Disneyland Maxpass, it is Disneyland’s Digital Fastpass service that can be accessed exclusively through the Disneyland App. Disney Maxpass was originally $15 per day, with a $5 increase to now $20.

As an AP you are able to add the Maxpass to it for an additional $100 per year, we are unsure (at this time) if that will increase as well. The Disney Maxpass not only provides the guest with Fastpasses throughout the day, but it also allows you to get your photos from the rides as well as photos taken by Photo Pass Cast Members (CM). Through the app, it shows your return time and the next time that you are able to get your next pass right, as well as being able to scan through your phone.

With these new increases will you be continuing to show up to Disneyland? Or will this be too much of a financial burden? Only time will tell, however, the past has proven that Disney doesn’t lose.

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