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Let's Keep Eliminating Covid Around Disney World so We Can Eat This Watermelon Dole Whip!!

Two weeks ago, we talked about the removal of Temperature Checks, along with the enormous news that masks can be taken off in outside areas! Today, we are looking at how more Covid measures are being lifted around the parks, and the introduction of a tasty summer dole whip option!

(WDW News Today)

Physical distancing markers have been removed from the monorail and ferryboat queues at the Ticket and Transportation Center! As these are outside queues, it makes sense that these measures have been put in place in guidance with the new mask rules at Walt Disney World.

(WDW News Today)

These markers have also been seen removed from the bus queues at Disney Springs! (Also an outside area!)

(Disney Food Blog)

Now that you can walk around and EAT, mind you, without a mask, you can head on down to Marketplace Snacks to snag the returning Watermelon Dole Whip. Right now they are selling it in parfait form for $5.29, and the reviews are mixed, as they were when watermelon Dole Whip was available last year. You can also purchase the more Instagrammable Watermelon Dole Whip Taco for $6.28, that is on a secret menu!

Happy eating AND breathing, readers!!

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